Mosaic Staffing Services, a division of Tech
International, focuses on the needs and
demands of the hospitality industry.  Since
1984 Tech International has been placing
science, engineering, and support
professionals in some of the worlds most
prestigious organizations.  With the
growing need for temporary staffing for
trade shows, corporate events, functions
and parties, Tech International has
branched out to fill the void with Mosaic
Staffing Services.
Offering temporary help, as well as
permanent placement, of Banquet Severs,
Bartenders, Trade Show personnel,
waitstaff and housekeeping.
Venues include corporate events,
banquets, weddings, conventions as well
as staffing for Caterers, Hotels and

You are provided with workers who are

Friendly & Courteous
Hard working
Well attired
Conscious of your image

Giving you accountability
Prior to employment, candidates are thoroughly screened and undergo a
series of comprehensive background
checks.  Once hired, our staff is Insured
and bonded, and a process of constant
evaluation begins.  Keeping in mind the
needs of our clients, we implement
evaluatory (quantitative) measures to
provide constant improvement, based
upon customer feedback.

No need to concern yourself with the
hassles of Payroll, taxes, insurance, etc…  

We handle all:

State and Federal payroll taxes
Unemployment taxes
Workers Compensation Insurance
Temporary Disability Insurance
(Rhode Island)
Social Security

Please call our main number to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.
Mosaic Staffing
a division of
Tech International
Hope Valley, RI
+1 401.539.2191

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